Seller's Policy

We support that you learn about the policies. This helps you to break any rules. If you fail to protect our integrity, we may take certain actions.

See the individual policy guidelines below.

Invoicing, shipping and product liabilities:
We are a market place platform and provide marketplace services to you. We help buyers and sellers connect whereby as a seller you are selling to customers via our platform therefore invoicing and shipping to customers is your responsibility.

Listing: You will only make one listing for every single item .If your purpose to sell more than one identical item you will make a separate listing for each of them. Each listing must contain only one specific item. The company will be required to remove a listing only upon it being reported to be prohibited or restricted or violated of applicable law or terms of the user agreement.

if the website provides for categories of items, then the user must take adequate care to list items in the appropriate category.

Checking for new orders:
It is the seller's responsibility to log in and verify whether or not new orders were received.

Order confirmation:
Orders will be confirmed no later than two days from the time they are placed. Orders that are not confirmed within the time are subject to be canceled.

Order processing:
The quick and accurate fulfillment of orders is required within 2 days of order confirmation. Sellers are required to login to their account every day for the receiving of orders.

Payment methods:

- Cash On Delivery
- Mobile Payment
- Bank Transfer
- Debit/Credit Cards